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[Solved] List all pages or elements that use a reusable element

I really like how Bubble allows to create reusable elements which greatly improve maintenance by avoiding duplicated workflows, etc.
However, I could not find any way to see where a reusable element is used, like in another page, popup or reusable element, which still makes it hard to maintain.

When building a complex app, a reusable element often appears in many places, sometime even in other reusable elements, or in hidden elements. Thus, when you modify a reusable element, this could impact many other components of your app that you might want to check. When you also have a lot of pages and reusable elements, it takes too much time to go through each one and look if the modified reusable element was used here or not.

Could it be possible when editing a reusable element, to display a list of all pages/reusable elements in which it has been included ?
That would be awesome! :slight_smile:

The “App Search Tool” (magnifying glass icon in the editor) can do that for you.


That’s awesome, thanks and sorry for the useless post!