++ SOLVED ++ List till Item - Set State

Hey Guys, i just need short help.

I have an Folder Structure like this:

So everytime you click on a Subtopic it adds it to my Set State List (Name: RE - Library) where the RG gots the Records from.

So in this picture the List looks like this

  1. Knowlege Library
  2. Content
  3. Content Creation

And if you click on a Subtopic it works like this:
(It takes the List from the Set State and “plus Item” the clicked to it)

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-14 um 00.33.32

My Problem ist now. When someone has opened the folder like i did in my picture and then decides to go back and clicks a different Topic (For Example in Column 2 - Content Planing) it adds this to the end - but i need something like “Use List of Topics till Item Clickeds Parent” Plus Item Clicked.

Any Idea how this works? So the user can jump like a normal folder structure works.

Thx a lot!

PS: I save in every Topic a list of Subtopics and a Parenttopic (not list!) (All Same DB Type)
Problem as Video:


I don’t have time to explain how this works at the moment, but you can do this with List Shifter (three of them, to be precise). Inspect this simple project:

(Sorry the name of that page should be Path to a Folder, but whatever, right?) Click the edit mode link on the page to see it in edit mode.

Note: You could do a similar thing with custom states and firing a custom event when you set the selected item as I’m doing in the example with List Shifter. However, your resulting path will still be backward and since Bubble lists don’t have a :reverse operator, List Shifter is still helpful (as that’s one of its core features — its first feature, actually!).

Oh… uhh… also, YOU’RE WELCOME, scuzz. I just can’t even with these users.

Hey keith i will check out your answer
Sorry i was sick the last days

Thx so much!! For real that really saved my week.

Let me know when i can do something for you :heart::heart::heart:

Ok nice plugin btw - i watched most of your tutorials. It brought me to the answer - but in the end i found out it is possible to do it without a extra plugin or extra code (Less plugins, less stress)

If someone has the same problem you will find my solution: