[Solved] Log in pop up not showing

Hi guys! Is awesome all your support and responses

I am having some toruble with tho log in pop up. When I hit the button login, its displaying the sig up pop only. But I can see the login pop up when I hit the link following the text: Already have an account? Log in. How can I fix it and make it show the log in pop up after clicking the log in button?

Thanks in advance for helping me out!

Do you have the correct popup selected in your workflow off that button click?

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If you created a new ‘login’ button and have that popup shown in the workflow, you would add another action in order to set the state (Element Actions --> Set State) of the Signup/Login Popup’s custom state: “mode” to “login”


It worked! :smile:

thank you so much!

Oh, btw, I have another issue with a header I want to reuse. Its working just fine, but i did set a focused group to be display when I click the name of the current user, so it drops a menu showing option like profile settings and log out. The problem is that it interfers with other elements in the page that are under the reusable header. Do you know how I could fix it?

Thabks again for your help! I really appreciate it! Have a wonderful day!

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Awesome!! No problem :slight_smile: For the focus group, could you provide a link to the editor?

I have a free account, so I dont know if I can add another editor before I upgrade the account.

I just noticed another issue with the header menu. I am having some interference between headers (logged out - logged in) modes. WHen I place both, and the user is logged in, the buttons on the logged in button doesnt work. I already tried bringing this header element to the front. But still not working. Why is this and what can Ido to make both headers work smoothly accordng the user state?

Thanks again for your interest and help!

You don’t need to add people, you just need to copy the link and paste it here. And of course, make sure the app is set to public

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Hello guys!

Thanks again for your help. About sharing the link, I think ti would be great if you guys help me out directly by working on the app, hjowever, I wouldnt like to be completely open for everybody to be able to edit it. So I will be sharing the app privately with few people. Hope you understand.

About the issue, I am having a similar issue with element inside the page. It seems like when I have conditioned elements over others constantly visible in the page, this elements that shows only after clicks or hovers, interfers with the elements under.

Its really causing me some problems since this limits some functionality I wan to add. But I am sure theres a way to work it out, with your help guys!

Thansk again and have a fantastic day! :smiley:

PM me. I’ll take a look.

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I have a similar question where I created a new up pop based on a early access button being clicked where we ask the user some questions. Although the workflow has when button clicked pop up coming up the pop up does not come up. Can anyone help am I missing something?

I don’t understand the question. What do you mean by “has when”?