SOLVED: Make Change to a thing Increment a Number

Hi Everyone, I’m new to Bubble!

I have created an assessment with each question and answers in a repeating group. When the user clicks on one of the four choices, say button 1, it needs to update a cell in the database for that assessment by 1 and then move to the next question. So if you choose question 1, 6 times in the quiz, the result would be the results cell for question 1 would report 6 clicks.

Everything works, except it will not increment the number. I have attached a screen shot for everyone to see, and super appreciate the help as I learn.

Hey @tlyons!

You are currently setting the assessment gold to be the value of their answer’s gold + 1, but I think you want their assessment’s gold +1.

Does that work?


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Ken Truesdale

I must be missing something, I can’t find that option to choose? The closest I can get is:

However, that still did not work.

Step through this using the debugger and examine everything… It will have the answer.

Perhaps you have no assessment on the current user???

Super appreciate the help. I’m sure it’s going to silly simple when I find it. The debugger does not seem to show anything that I can tell. Two screen shots from question 1 and 2.

Then here’s the database, it does change the field, it just does not increment.

Your screenshot shows you are modifying an Assessment in your workflow, but you are looking for there to be a change in User Answers. Which one do you really want?

I found my problem, I needed to add a make changes to user: User Answers = results to step1. So the assessment itself was never attached to the user to increment.

Thank you everyone for your help!

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Yep…was just seeing that in your video. You were creating the assessment, but not assigning it to the user. :slight_smile: