SOLVED: Multi-File Uploads and Single File Data Entries

Why the multi-file uploader doesn’t have a checkbox for individual data entries is beyond me, but I’m seeking assistance on a recursive API workflow where the data from the multi-file uploader is given an item number and each item number is entered within it’s own line of data.

I’ve been referring to this forum conversation on the topic but have unfortunately have not been able to find enough information to get it setup correctly. Below are my workflows. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Screenshot 2023-03-07 105522
Screenshot 2023-03-07 105614

It’s been 16 hours since I originally posted this issue.

I’ve uploaded my workflow in the original posting to share my progress.

My current issue is getting the workflow to trigger correctly and only once. Everytime I run the workflow, it shoots out 200+ entries and is creating 30+ entries for the same object.

Generally, it’s working the way I’d like, but now I NEED direct answers about how to end this workflow and get objects 1-x from the list provided.

Please someone from Bubble or the community chime in here. This should be a checkbox on the element…

Schedule API Workflow
only when number +1 <= stop_at

But you shouldn’t originally, schedule on a list. Just schedule WF

Can you expand on what you mean?

Now, no data entries are being returned… :sweat:

You need to change the action to Schedule API Workflow. Not schedule on a list.

Yessir!!! Thank you!!!


Final Workflow for those looking for reference in the future: