*Solved* Nested Data - Can't pull data from nested list within an API call (nested list within nested list)

GOAL: Pull the id from customFields (list).

I have an API call that provides a response with the following format, you’ll find “customFields (list)” at the bottom:

Now that I have my response, I want to display it on my page.

First, I created a repeating group to grab the data from the API named “TopHeader”:

Next, I created another repeating group within the “TopHeader” repeating group called “RepeatingGroup API Call customField” that should allow me to then pull a list from customFields (list):

With a text field named “Text Current cell’s API C” with the following information:

When the application is run, the “API Call data’s title” works just fine. But the Custom Fields ID displays nothing.

Is this simply an issue if me not understanding the Repeating Group? If so, please help me to figure out how to grab the ID from the CustomFields.

Thank you for your assistance.


Turns out, the implementation was exactly correct - The issue was on the PLUGIN side. The parameter that pulled customFields (list) was selected as Optional… Removed that and it pulled the data just as I expected.

Hopefully this will help someone in the future who is pulling their hair out of trying to figure out why an API call isn’t providing data.