[Solved?][NEW] More Eyes on Website, Improve SEO with Cloudflare Subfolder instead of Subdomain

From Webflow forum user:

Yes we did solve it. Check out:


Derek Prince Ministries | Ultimate Bible Teaching Collection

Equip and inspire your faith with a range of Bible teaching resources featuring the timeless wisdom and trusted biblical insights of Derek Prince.


Derek Prince Ministries Japan | Ultimate Bible Teaching Collection

Equip and inspire your faith with a range of Bible teaching resources featuring the timeless wisdom and trusted biblical insights of Derek Prince.

We ended up seeking professional assistance, so I don’t have any real insights apart from… we used Nginx. We established subdomains for each with reverse proxy to subfolder arrangement.

Another interesting thing we discovered… you can’t use the auto sitemap generator through Webflow for this. It will point to the subdomain locations. Hope this helps.

End of his quote. Posting here for everyone’s reference.

A bit on how to optimize javascript SEO:

I want to get on board with helping and promoting this cause for SEO on Bubble


Credit to @chris.williamson1996 for suggestsing to check with Webflow.
Credit to Dennis Wong in the Webflow forum, going to attempt this:

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page load speeds have been the primary downside to bubble apps for a while now. Great to finally see some forum discussion :slight_smile: Would 100% be interested in paying for a solution like this.

A little tip that’s helped me in the past: make your index page completely blank, with workflow conditionals to redirect the user onto another page.

Then, add your SEO keywords onto the blank index page as text – no groups, one style, all invisible.

A little workaround for peeps, especially for apps with a heavy homepage.


Update: Mostly finished with the development of Webflow landing pages. Now for Cloudflare.

I would be interested in a solution as well. Let me know how I can help.

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@tyler7, why wouldn’t you use Webflow for the blogging part as well?

Interested in this, as Google very recently came out and said that there was no difference.

So wonder what is causing the difference.

And yes, Cl*udflare can do the subfolder redirects for you. But…is it needed.

SEO tools should work if you turn on javascript in them. Yes?

But even with a 30 second wait … most of my Bubble subpages are getting pinged as orphans.

Very confused.

We could, however I would like to test the performance of three different tools vs. two.

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Hello Bubble friends,

I am happy to announce the Subfolder/Subdomain constraint has been theoretically solved. You can find the technical details here.

If you’re interested in making money implementing this, please message me. Looking to hire ASAP. You would be a community hero. We will share results and learnings in this forum thread. To my knowledge, you will be the first to solve this in practice on Bubble.


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Took a while and had to hire some outside help but think I’ve solved this.

Main app built with bubble → https://nocodebuilds.co/
Blog on WordPress → NoCode Builds Blog – We build great software quickly.

Will provide full details when I’ve had a chance to run some tests/do a writeup.

It involved using nginx, a VPS and a reverse proxy.

Also considering launching a “WordPress CMS on the subdirectory of your bubble app” as a service. If you’re interested in this you can sign up via the form in this blog post:


Interested to see what this looks likes… I had and idea to use Wordpress apis and Bubble api to basically and user generated stuff to Wordpress (all data images content, etc) with a canonical to the Bubble page. This way Google indexes it quickly with all the right element and then gives the credit to the Bubble app.

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Hi @tyler7,

Have you been able to implement the solution of Dennis?

Curious if you still are using this solution? It looks like your Bubble app is no longer live?

I have not, I am looking to find someone with the correct skillset. The person I was previously talking to ghosted me.

I have tried messaging @alexcooney5 to see who he used, but no response after a couple reach outs.

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Saasalias plugin supports this out of the box using reverse proxy

Hi all,

Sorry for the radio silence on this. I stepped away from bubble and so wasn’t checking the forum.

I did get this working with the help of a freelancer I found on Fiverr. However, he was a bit of a disaster. I requested two things from him:

  1. Install WordPress as a subdirectory of the main app
  2. give me detailed documentation on how exactly he did it

He successfully completed step 1 (so the solution is very possible!) but did not follow up with step 2, despite me chasing him numerous times. So not very impressed with him and don’t really want to give his name out given his unreliability.

For what it’s worth, I had agreed to pay him $200 to complete the install and then $250 for the detailed documentation.

So this is a very achievable goal for someone who’s willing to spend a bit.


PS - the app I had implemented the solution on (nocodebuilds.co) is no longer active so you won’t be able to see it

Definitely going to be useful to my web app, which is currently in development. Thanks, guys!

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