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[Solved] Not possible to change time fields after event creation

I’m trying to update a particular field (time) for a particular thing (a yoga class) on my website.

On the backend, it looks like the new time (6:30am EDT) is updated:

But that update isn’t appearing on the live site:

This is solved.

Cool. Glad to hear. Would be great if you could pls:

  1. Add your solution to your reply so others can gain from it.
  2. Change your topic to something more descriptive of your issue.
  3. Add [SOLVED] to start you topic so other users can see that there’s a solution to your help request.

I had to use a workaround. Because the Bubble editor didn’t allow me to change times, I just ran the app as a particular user, deleted the initial class (with the wrong time) and created a new class (with the correct time).

Cool. Yeah, for time in isolation, that’s what you have to do.