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[SOLVED] One line footer as responsive


Am almost at my wits end here and have been circling around the same mountain. I cannot get this footer to be responsive without an element moving on to the next line.

Please assist.

Thanks and regards,


Hey Phuthi :slight_smile: I just made some changes to the footer. Is that how you wanted it to be in responsive mode? If so, the main change I did was to ungroup the center icon from the left ‘Next Chapter’ group, and place it in its own group. This way, there are very small margins between the left group, middle group and right group. Responsive mode always try keeps margins constant, so this way the margins between the groups remain constant, but the main element that is resized is the group which holds the center icon. For example, when the page is very small, the center group reaches close to its minimum width:

And when the page width is very large, the group expands (it currently doesn’t have a max width):


Hi Faye! yep this is exactly what I am looking for!! Thank you very much. I now starting to think all things are possible with bubble! :slight_smile:


Aw that’s so awesome Phuthi! I agree with you on that one! :blush:

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