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[Solved] Password protect only the Dev environment

Instead of saying “Limit access to this app…”, I would like “Limit access to Dev” and “Limit access to Prod”. The reason for the separation is so that I can limit access just to Dev.


Even nicer would be the ability to limit access to specific Users that exist in the User table.

Well for that one it’s easy, just force them to login

I thought about that and this may be a stupid question, but can I have workflow that looks for version-test in the URL in order to only enforce that on DEV?

I don’t want to put code that’s only for dev that is going to get pushed to Prod and require login there also.

Yep! You can put "When page is loaded + this URL = yourpageurl/version-test + user email not equal to admin, redirect to main app. Would be great to be able to put this in the settings page instead of copying the workflow to each page in dev, but not super urgent.


Edited: Thanks @brentsum. I just added the workflow to my reuseable header element and used a “Page Loaded” event to redirect to a login page for Dev.

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