[Solved] Plugin Async / Await causes crash of the workflow


[SOLVED] → had to move to plugin API v4 in the shared tab. This setting is hidden, and the error could have been more descriptive…

First of all for the bubble team reading me, I filled 2 bugs reports #127581 and #127588, got a first response, but my gmail mails are bounced back by Bubble, so I am posting here, hopping someone from the team reads this, it will be easier to communicate

Now, let’s go to the bug I encounter. I was updating our Auth0 plugin to support Node 18, and for this had to code some async/await syntax.

First bug : the plugin code editor doesn’t seem to recognize the async/await keywords :

Second bug : even a basic function like this produces a crash.
Capture d’écran 2023-10-16 à 18.11.42

Is this a know bug ?

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