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[SOLVED]POST New Task to Tookan

[SOLVED] I had to change the “use as” while creating the API call from “data” to “action”. I also had to make sure that the Key/Value pairs were not set to private.

I’m new to Bubble, but I understand how to build out the logic needed to complete the workflow I am working on. However, I’m unsure of how to get my input fields to submit data to an external API. I have setup the API connector properly and denoted the fields that need to be filled dynamically with the <>, but I am not being given the option to select where to pull this dynamic data from upon submitting.

Is there something I’m missing?

In case you’d like to see the API I’m dealing with, here is the link to what I am trying to achieve;

I’m trying to create a pickup and delivery task in one. But any of the create task ones should work the same.