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SOLVED Prevent Things From Happening When Other Users Trigger Them

Perhaps this isn’t the best way of setting this up but I’m creating an accordian style Careers page:

When you click the repeating group it Expands the job description.

All it does is set the Thing to “is expanded? Yes/no” and the group is hidden conditionally until a yes is received.

The issue is when 2 people are browsing the same page one person can trigger the yes/no and expand the job listing on the other person which isn’t good.

How can i set this up so that it is unique to the users experience and so that it isn’t site-wide?

This is marked solved, but I don’t see the solution. If it solved, could you post the solution for the community to see? Thanks!

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The solution was to show/hide the element within the repeating group.

Initially I could not figure out how to link a workflow to an element within a repeating group or change its state.

Keeping the dB entry out of the workflow prevented other users from seeing the same change/data on their end.

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