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(solved) Q on passing user input to API call

Probably another very basic question. I’ve set up a very simple API call - to Spotify search API with no key/auth required. It uses a GET to with parameters of type=artist and q=[whatever] and returns various bits of info in JSON.

On first initializing the call with the API Connector, you have to enter some string instead of [whatever]. How do you allow the user input from a text field to replace your hardcoded string when you make the actual call?

Edit: do you input a hardcoded value first, then switch it to blank? I think that’s it. A little confusing…

Put in the hardcoded value while setting up the call in plugin tab.
Then in your workflow (or wherever you’re making the call), replace the text with a dynamic bubble text.

Check out an editor for one of the services (e.g. spotify) on to see it in action

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