[Solved] Reduce space on top and below element on mobile

I’d like to reduce the amount of space on top and bottom of a group/element on mobile. In the attached images, I think that 200px spacing looks good on desktop, but it’s too much on mobile.

How would you go about reducing the space on mobile?

I’d prefer to not create a mobile version of the page. Same goes for duplicating groups to show/hide them for different devices. What alternatives do I have?

Desktop (space on top and bottom looks alright):

Mobile (too much space on top and bottom):

Many thanks!

If anyone else has the same question:
I solved it by making the redundant space on top and below elements into collapsible groups that are only shown if “current page width ≥ 770”. To me, this was a good solution because it allows me to have one page for both mobile and desktop.

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