[Solved] Remove time from date picker


I have a date picker configured in my service but when i want to show that inputs value, it shows the time. In the date picker configuration i only have selected DATE.

Any help?

Hey Charlie, :slight_smile: Can you share a link or screenshots of editor and preview mode?

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Hey sorry for the delay! I found out that if i select FORMATTED AS after the date picker i can select what shows. I selected to only show the date and bingo! Thank you anyways @fayewatson!

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Hello! Where is the “Formatting As” option to select? I’m looking for it, but can’t find it! :slight_smile:

@ashleybiz2014 After entering selecting the “Current Date/Time” function, a “More” option should be available to click:

Then you can select “Formatted As” :slight_smile:

Hey! Where did you find the FORMATTED AS button? Thanks!