Solved - Repeating Group Help Please

I need help with a repeating group please. I am wanting to see expense data from all users grouped by Category or post code (zip code). The page does not have a type of content set.

The setup of my repeating group to see expenses for all users grouped by postcode is

But I am only seeing Expenses for the current user not all users. I can see nothing though that is constraining this to the current user. I was expecting to see data from all expenses regardless of user

What am I missing?? I am sure it is something really simple
Thanks in advance

Do you have a privacy rule in place which restricts users to only see their own expenses?

@reger-alexander Thanks so much. I knew it would be simple. You have done the trick for me. This is appreciated as it has been driving me crazy

No problem, please mark right answers as “solution” so people who may find this thread later on can see it directly.

@reger-alexander Done - Thanks