[SOLVED] Repeating Group with multi filter is not displaying data


I am trying to show a list of job posts over a repeating group and have developed a multi-filter system on it as well.

I used the below video and followed instructions given on it:

But when I am previewing the Dev version, it’s not able to retrieve all the sample data. I am not able to understand what’s wrong here.


The workflow sequence is here:


I have created a custom state over the page for creating this filter:


And this is what I am using to show the items on the repeating group:


I also have a ‘when the page is loaded’ sequence here which is a simple list showing search. But as shared in previous screenshot, it doesn’t retrieve the sample data it seems.

I do have 2 entries mentioned in the development version:


But these two aren’t showing in the preview. Can anyone help me identify the issue here?

Hi @harshala
have you checked your Privacy Rules?


Privacy rules as in? Right now I have mailed the Bubble team for this doubt as well, hence I have opened the app viewable for everyone. So if I share the link then people can only view inside the app for workflows, design, etc.

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Hey, this worked, thank you so much! Really appreciate :slight_smile:

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