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(Solved) Running a workflow between a date range - UNIX Time

Hello All,

Did anyone try to run a workflow between 2 dates. So for example do a search for anything between 22 - 19?

Also how do you write dates in expressions? Whats the format?


Can anyone guide me on this?

You should be able to do this by using the and when part of a workflow.

Assume you have two date inputs on the page for each range of the date. Have the input check against the database field you want to see.

Rough speaking:

Thanks for that, not its just handling UNIX time.

@emmanuel & @georgeciobanu is there a way we can have these additions
1) Extract UNIX Time from a date & time

2) A kind of conversion to change UNIX time to date/time format as in bubble

This will be very helpful when handling API calls as most of which use UNIX Time.

var unixTime = Math.floor( / 1000);

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We’ll add that tomorrow.

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Thank you

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Hello @emmanuel anything yet?

Yes, i said tomorrow 2 days, ago, so it was yesterday. Did you check?..

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Silly me I was just waiting for your feedback. LOL.

Thanks allot it’s available. You just made my day


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