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SOLVED: Saving value from API POST call

I have a quick question.
I have no problem storing values I get when using GET calls.

Problem is I am using POST to create a user in This command returns many different parameters/values.
I cannot find a way to store the API-token that is generated during the call.
If I use the API-call as an action within Bubble, there is no way to choose the API-token that I get in return as a value I want stored in my database.
Any tips on how to do this?

Post calls are triggered by an action, so create a second step in your workflow that references step 1. It will give you options to save the data that is returned.

Thank you csblack.
I’ve tried that, but I am unable to select any values. Let me show you some screenshots:

Where I set up the call it looks fine:

I’ve created a workflow that makes the post call:

And tried to save the result of that in a following step. But this is where I fail. I cannot select any of the parameters. WHen I click “more” nothing happens. Any idea why?

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Turns out when I just created a new call with the exact same settings, it worked…