[Solved] Setting input's initial content when it should be a number

Hi, I have an input that is a number in currency format.

I would like to set the initial content to £1.00.

Obviously, when the content format is text, I can write whatever I want as the initial content, but it doesn’t let me do that for number.


How do I set the initial content for an input formatted as number?


Hi there, @StandUp… you should be able to type a 1 where it says Click, and when you click away from that area, the 1 will remain as the initial content. Then, if you check the box for Always show decimals, you should get the desired result of the initial content being $1.00.

Hope this helps.


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Ah, I thought that should have been it but it was not letting me. It is letting me now. Appreciated.

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