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[SOLVED] Show/hide image causing issue with GroupFocus

I have a green and grey image, each are identical in their workflow. They both toggle a group focus and both work fine.

Screenshot 2021-10-30 122851

I hide the green button on certain pages and hide the grey on other pages using conditionals, this also works fine.

The issue is that when the green button is hidden, the grey button no longer toggles the group focus? It does toggle the group focus when both buttons are visible so I can’t find the cause?

Can you show how you have the corresponding conditionals setup?

It’s a single page app so I have many ‘groups’ to show/hide. In simple terms, I have a ‘home’ icon and a ‘settings’ icon. The central green button should turn grey when the user selects either the ‘home’ or ‘settings’ icon. The conditional in the image below is identical for the green button, but obviously it’s hidden instead of visible.

Solved it, wow this took me round the houses!

The group focus which is activated by the buttons has a reference element which I had set as one of the buttons, so when I hide that button the group focus broke. So now I have set the reference element to something unassociated with either button and all works fine.