[Solved] SQL Database Request with FETCH

Dear Bubble’s fan,

I am a bit stuck with the Database Connectors with a Microsoft SQL Database.
I have a request which contains more than 200 entries, I added an button “Show More” to perform a second request on the database.

So I was trying to use the offset and fetch option.

FROM Database
WHERE ((Country LIKE @Country)
OFFSET 200 rows
FETCH 200 rows only

But this command is not allowed by the plugin since it does not contain the command TOP.

What am I doing wrong with this request ?

You are going to want to do something like the following (I didn’t check this for errors):

SELECT TOP 200 * FROM (SELECT *, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY Name DESC) AS RowNum FROM dbo.TableName WHERE Country LIKE @Country) AS newTableName WHERE newTableName.RowNum BETWEEN @start AND @end

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It works great.
Thanks a million for your quick reply and answer :slight_smile: