[SOLVED] VoteUp counter loses state on background refresh

[UPDATE] Solved this by including a separate list of Users on the Post of people who VotedUp. Seemed like I shouldn’t need that, but it works!

Hi everyone!

I’ve built a vote counter that seems to be working for the most part. It correctly collects the VoteUp and records it in the Current User’s VoteUps List of Posts. The counter itself correctly changes and increments the amount of Votes on a Post.

The one huge issue I’m facing is that a page refresh (either in the background or manually) resets the state (not count) of the vote. So a user can vote on the same post again, and they have no visual indication that they’ve voted on it before. I don’t have any custom states being used. Are they needed?

Why would this be happening if everything is working correctly pre-refresh?

Thanks in advance!

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