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[Solved] What is the purpose or operation of "<>" as a constraint?

Hi y’all!

Two questions from me. First question is, what the heck is “…<>…” when looking at constraints? The first screenshot showing “…<>…” is below this message.

Second question is how do I prevent data from showing up in a repeating group list based on the constraint of “distance is less than inputted number of miles” but the data has no actual mileage data entered in the database?


Business #1 is distanced 1 mile from its producer. Business #2 is distanced (blank) mile from its producer.

When pulling the repeating group list, with the miles input as “3”, both Business #1 and #2 will show up, despite Business #2 not having any hard data in the “Distance” field in the database.

In other words, it seems like a “blank” field construes a value of zero. How can I prevent this from happening? When I created the database, my goal was to just record the distance a business is from its producer/distributor, and if there wasn’t a hard entry into the “distance” field, that means the distance is unknown. The latter screenshots relate to this question.

Please note that I have tried different inputs ranging from 0-50. It seems like with “3,” then both entries will show up in the list (there are only two businesses, lol). While with “2,” then only Business #1 (which has 1 as the distance field entry) will show up in the list. When I try with “1,” then only Business #2 (which has the blank distance field entry) will show up in the list. When I tried with “zero,” then neither business #1 nor #2 showed up.

The kicker here is, with “2,” then only Business #1 shows up even though Business #2 will show up all other times (with the exception of with “zero.”)

Thanks for any help and/or insight!


Hey Jpatt, <> means a certain field can’t equal. So for example, if the constraint was “Name <> Bob”, then entries with the name Bob will not be included in the results. In regards to your other question, I think it will be much easier for you to have an Address field (Title: Brand Address, Type: Geographic Address, List: No) for each brand, instead of making City, County, State, all different fields. If you had an address field for each brand, you could then have a constraint such as “Brand Address” ‘is within’ [distance input’s value] miles of [Current Geographic Position], or a location entered by the user in a different input. :slight_smile:


Hi Fayew! Thank you so much for the clarification and tip! I will definitely look into that!


Awesome! My pleasure! :slight_smile:

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