[SOLVED] Why I can't set a dropdown to have a default value?

Please see the link to the forum app where I created an example.

I don’t get it why dropdown is the only input that does not accept a value? (it shows in red)

How do I get a dropdown to show a value passed by a parent group?

What am I doing wrong?

any help would be appreciated

It’s a type issue. The default value should be a lst_courts, not a court code. Court code is just the caption.

That’s the red means. Whenever you see it on Bubble, it’s a type inconsistency.

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I know it is a type issue. I know what the red means. I know it is a type inconsistency. But that is what it doesn’t make sense to me. All the other input fields you set a value for the default value so it can show the parameter you are passing.

For me, it should not be a type list. It should be just one value that it needs to display.

I know what is wrong, I just don’t know how to fix it. Can someone demonstrate how to set the default value in a dropbox properly so it receives the court code I am passing?



Your issue is that the dropdown’s type of value is NOT a court code. Maybe you should fix that. If you want it to be of type 1st_court, then make the default of that type.


That was it. Thanks.

I am leaving the page available in the forum_app so others can use as reference

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I’m having a similar issue, but I want the dropdown to show the last modified thing in the list. Any ideas?

When I search the forum and documentation, there are several promising looking articles but they are private or have been removed.

I’m trying to set up some dropdown boxes:

  1. They already have lists, and I would like them to be in alphabetical order. This is simply "Current User’s Medium List:sorted by Medium name."
  2. Then, when the User clicks the ADD button, a PopUp appears, and the User can add to the list. This should then be seen in the dropdown box. This I can do with the default value Current User’s List:last item.

Clearly, I can’t have both as a default value for the dropdown box.

  1. So the question is, where do I create the event that puts the ADDed thing on the List into the Value of the dropdown box?

Is this something that happens when I hit ENTER after ADDing the thing?

Maybe it’s a Custom Event.

Maybe I should go with 2 above Current User’s List:last item. as default, and THEN sort alphabetically.

Any ideas??

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I may be accused of having an obsession with groups :slight_smile: … but I think this is the same as …

Put the drop down in a group, and have the default set to the group thing.

Then send different “defaults” to the group depending on your workflow, so right after you add the new ADDed thing,you send that to your group as the default. Otherwise you set it to the first alphabetical.

So this is the new dropdown box of DATA TYPE “Title” and ADD popup to add a new “Title” to the dropdown.

We have a number of FIELDS that we want to add to the database, in the Data Type OBJECT, so I guess group 1 in the image should be TYPE: OBJECT.

Then there is group 2, which I guess should be TYPE: OBJECT Title.
BUT it can’t be, as it’s not possible to state this. So I’m lost here. (It’s currently set to OBJECT too)

Then, in the workflow, when a user clicks ADD, a popup appears 3, and the user can add a new Title, which goes into the list. This all works just fine.

But now I want the Dropdown to “display the latest added title”.

I’ve tried a lot of variations in the workflow, at the level of the Popup, but nothing seems to work.

How do I make this happen?

Can you add the send to group to the work flow that adds the title ? What are you triggering that on ? When then value has changed ?

So the drop down gets default from the group.

Workflow on popup adds the new thing and sends that to the group.

Slowly, so slowly. Ok, watched the video about sending data to a group. Great. BUT in the PopUp element, there is no Element Action>Group>Display data in a group.

I suppose this is because I need to make the PopUp part of the group. But how do you do this? I’ve tried clicking the PopUp and starting to draw it in the Group outline, but it’s not working…

At the moment the Workflow is: Create a new thing (OBJECT,title). Nothing about Parent Groups as the PopUp does not seem to link to the group 2 above.

You would have an “add title” button in your popup though ?

I think that is what I am understanding. So, you have a dropdown. Then you have an “add” button that adds a new value to the drop down ? Some sort of save / cancel … and if Save the value is the one in the dropdown ?

Easier to do this in the forum app I think …

Is that right ?

I don’t have a button to add the new Thing to the drop down, I do it by Workflow "when Input is changed > Set state of New Item in dropdown.

Ok, so enter new title, hit enter and it adds and the pop up disappears … ?

Have changed so it works that way.

that’s right. it adds to the dropdown list. But I want it to show as the chosen item in the list, which seems impossible! that’s the workflow i’m looking for.

Yes, that is how it works. Click on the bottom link above. Is that right ?

This is looking fantastic, and works exactly as I wanted. I have even added the workflow to clear the input box in the popup.

However, I still don’t get the relationships, parent/child stuff. The Add New input does not seem to be related (in a group with) the Title dropdown.

Could you possibly add another field eg. Medium on the same page. Exactly the same idea as with Title. But I feel sure that I am missing something with the groups and so can’t replicate it on my page!

In my data, I have a Data Type OBJECT, with Fields for type OBJECT named Title, Medium etc. So there is already a relationship there, with I need to build in to the system. But at least I can see that it CAN be done, so thank you!!!

@NigelG I have made another input mechanism, and got it to work!!! Wonderful!!
I’ll make some notes on the Forum App for others to try and follow what we are doing here, when they come across the same problem. And I’ll try and figure out the Data Type and Fields issue. But I’ll have to do that tomorrow afternoon. Good night!

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Glad it is moving along :slightly_smiling:

The input and dropdown don’t need to be in a group together.

So now I have a new problem. How do I do this action (open popup, add new title to database and display as first item on dropdown) when the data is from a Field, not a DATA TYPE?

I have added a new workflow here, in pink:

@emmanuel and @georgeciobanu …any idea how to make this one work?

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