Some crucial SEO features Bubble lacks

So I have recently gone to depth with SEO of one of my clients websites and there were some crucial SEO features I realised Bubble was missing, so I decided to make a list.

Maybe some of you have workaround/fixes?

1) Sitemaps does not contain a data, so Google will never update info for the pages unless they random crawl it, which can take months. (you can check this by updating the meta title/description and see how long it takes to be updated in Google search results)

2) A subpage accepts all url paths and load the top page instead of sending the request to the 404 page. An example would be you have and then just add some random to the end of the url, like, it will still load the about page. Problem is that Google will see the pages as duplicated content. Optimal this would redirect to the 404 page but could also be fixed with Canonical url’s for the top page.

3) Redirects does not work for sub-subpages.

4) We need a workflow action for creating redirects so we could create redirects automatically when a database item is deleted, like a blogpost or product.