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Some observations

I met with a friend today who was playing around with my app.

One issue I found was: the font was not the same… I am using a pre-loaded font (Google Fonts I guess…?), and him and I both have iphones. Yet the font I am wanting to use, is displaying differently on his phone.
- Any ideas on why this would be and if there are any fixes (I am looking into uploading a custom font regardless)

Also my friend had an ad blocker on his iphone; before us figuring out that the ad blocker was blocking icons; default icons where not displaying.

  • I am not sure how many users will have an ad blocker installed. But it is certainly something to take note of.

  • It is probably worth looking into because the icons in the editor should not be blocked by ad blockers


What ad blocker is being used? I run an ad blocker on all my devices and haven’t seen the icon issue. Without knowing the details, I will wager the missing font is related to the same thing the icons are suffering. I’m betting bubble is loading both the fonts and icons from a remote stylesheet, and his ad blocker may not like that.

Your probably right. Good to hear there is no issues with your ad blockers!

So I am told the ad blocker is called “Clear” - but am also told that it is no longer in the App Store (which I suppose is good in this case) :slight_smile: