Some users cannot login using Bubble's built in "Log the user in" funciton


I’ve been running our site on Bubble for 2 years now and this is the first time we have experienced this bug. A user reached out to us letting us know he was logged out of his account and tried to log back in several times but Bubble was alerting us that they couldn’t find a user with those credentials. He could finally log in after attempting a couple more times (with the same PW).

We started testing this ourselves and saw what he was experiencing firsthand. My friend and I were on two different computers. I could log into my account on my computer, but he couldn’t log into mine on his computer, and vice versa. We tried many different accounts on different devices while paying close attention to the debugger and we couldn’t find any consistencies among the failed login attempts. I can 1000% guarantee passwords were a match and we’ve been logging into our account for the past 2 years with no issues.

This issue came about after I published some changes to the site however none of them were related to the sign-in flow. I did copy our Live listings database onto Test mode, but I don’t see how that could cause this. I double-checked out the live database for users as well and it all looks good. We also implemented the workflow reducer plugin by Ab Advany ( ) to help our marketplace load faster.

This seems like a bug beyond our control. Any info on what it could be would be very helpful. Thanks!


Having the same issue, but with my signup flow. WUreducer seems to be the common denominator here, as I just installed it in the last couple of days. I disconnected it from my site to see if that helps, but I think it will take time to aggregate (is that even the correct term??).



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Oh wow! I am glad we found the common denominator. @gaimed Do you mind chiming in here? We really need some help with this, many users are complaining. Thanks in advanced.

That would be really strange. Wu reducer only uses the api connector and doesnt do anything with login or other workflows. It gets the data like it would for any api.

We also have a large bubble site using it and we run a automated test suite every hour. Everything including login is working.

I think this is a Bubble bug.

I just tripple checked. All sites woth wu reducer are working (that I own) including login

Hey, thanks for the reply

It’s a really strange issue. It can happen to anyone at any time and just randomly work on the 5th try. We only started getting reports of it right after publishing the version of our site with WU. Now someone else has the same issue also right after using WU, don’t want to point fingers, but it’s possible WU might had some weird effect on the site. Bubble is no stranger to that either.

Could someone please tag someone from Bubble Support? Idk any of them.

I am 100% confident that this is not because of wu reducer. I know Bubble pretty well because of working on CoAlias and I know how the login works. Wu Reducer doesnt do anything with that workflow!

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I’m de experiencing the same issue on my test and live version but we have no wu reducer installed. The first time i thought i was typing the wrong password. But i changed it to a very simple one (for testing) that cannot be done wrong and i still sometimes get the message, couldn’t find a user with those credentials. So its not related to the Wu Reducer.

i’m very curious if there are more bubbles who are experiencing this behaviour.


@emmanuel @josh Would love your input on this! We’re experiencing more and more users complaining about not being able to log in. Thanks!

Tagging Emmanuel and Josh probably isn’t going to help… have you (and the others in this thread) submitted a bug report?

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I had this same issue with a client, and I solved it by respecting the recommended password characteristics, which should contain: at least 8 characters including letters, numbers, uppercase letters, and special characters (%,#,*,=…).

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