Some users not seeing an RG

Hi everyone,

As a User of my App, I can invite collaborators in my team. These collaborators have access to some of the content I’m creating using the app.

I created a company page to display the info of my main user company.
I created an Update page to dusplay the info of the update (one of the content piece I want to share with collaborators)

I manage privacy through some Privacy rules. The thing is it’s working well:

  • My collaborator can see the company page info
  • My collaborators can see the update page with all the info related to the update

The issue I have is that one the company Page, the collaborators don’t see the list of Updates i’m displaying on the page.

They have a blank space (see the difference in the pictures) in the company page.

What collaborators see

What they shoudl see (what I see as the main user)

I can’t find the reason why for collaborators the RG List of Updates does not display

Here is my setup:

Take a look at the privacy rules.

Definitely your privacy rules. Screenshots of your privacy rule setup would help to find the issue!

As a reminder, the Investors can see the Update content when they go to the Update page, they can see the company name on the company page etc…, so I think everything works well privacy wise but I may be wrong.

This is how I search for Updates for the RG group

As per your privacy rules, your investors are not permitted to search for updates. They can see the company name in your case, as that doesn’t require a search but is most likely an expression as current page company's name (no do a search for)

Ok I see. Thanks for highlighting the issue! It makes sense now

Is there a way to solve this?

For those interested, this helped me solve eberything: Rules that use "This Attendee's X's Y" can't grant search access right now - #10 by jsduncan98

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