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Someone needs to stop the CAD advertisements

There are several different obnoxious groups who post advertisements for their “CAD” systems and then comment on the post dozens of times to keep pushing it back up the list. WHY is this allowed to happen here? It has no benefit to the greater community, it is against the forum rules, and it is incredibly annoying. I keep flagging these posts that clearly break the rules and the forum moderators do nothing. When are you going to fix this?

Some examples:

this thread has 36 posts and almost every single one is from the original poster, just repeating themselves to bump the thread.

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Hey @kevnobrega,

Please reference this thread: The [email protected]#$ is CAD/MDT?!

My tips for you is to put the category on mute, you can do so like the following screenshot shows.


All the posts were put in a category for a reason and is better than it flooding all the other ones.