Something disables buttons in an aera when reusable element visible


Quite new to Bubble, i’m experiencing a very strange behaviour and wondering if it’s a bug or not :

if a reusable element is on a page AND visible, it prevents all the buttons (and/or inputs) in an area on the page (not the one covered by the reusable element but below) to be clicked or whatever.

For a testing purpose, i’ve created a project based on the standard template.

The sample project presenting the bug is available here : : / test)

The context is the following :
i have 3 tables :

  1. Main (Name, Description, Element List)
  2. Element (Name, Description)
  3. User

On the index page, i’ve put the Standard Header (reworked just for the logo and a title) at the top of the page. Choose the first Main in the drop down. it will fill the RG on the right with elements belonging (contained in the Element List field) to Main. So far nothing new.

BUT, if you try to click on the Orange Toggle Buttons, nothing will happen (even the mouse cursor won’t change). If you click on the blue “Edit me” buttons, you’ll toggle a red group on the left.
Furthermore, in the RG group, you’ll experience the very same problem for the button which are on the same horizontal area (that toggle text elements on each row).

And now, the funny part :
if you click on the green button “Toggle Header” and make it hidden, you’lle be able to click on any of the disabled buttons mentioned above. If you toggle again, the problem comes back. And so on …

I’ve already checked that there was no hidden or transparent or whatever hidden element on the page (checked through the editor Element Tree).
i’m pretty sure it doesn’t come from a browser cache problem as the same problem occurs on a different project (cloned from my original project).

Can you tell me if on my sample project you’re experiencing the same problem ? And if that’s a bug or … something i haven’t seen ?!

Thanks for your help !



In your reusable element Header, you have two hidden floating groups right here


You can’t see them because they are outside the canvas

If you expand the height of canvas, now you can see them.

Delete FloatingGroup A & FloatingGroupB and the issue will go away :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Eli !
That was it !

Next time i’ll dig deeper :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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