Something like json lint on bubble

Is there any plugin or anything on bubble like jsonlint, where i can input my json and it can validate my output

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The first thing I thought of was to use AI. You can connect with OpenAI and can have it verify it for you. I use it for validating JSON all the time. There might be a plugin or a different API that might do that too. This was just the first idea that came to my mind. :blush:

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Also… ChatGPT said this:

One common method is to use the built-in JSON.parse() method, which will throw an error if the JSON is not valid.

const jsonStr = '{"name":"John","age":30,"city":"New York"}';

try {
  const obj = JSON.parse(jsonStr);
} catch (e) {
  console.error('Invalid JSON:', e.message);

You might be able to use one of the plugins to do the same thing, if they return an error, then it’s not valid JSON.