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Something like this for Bubble - Dev Tasks for $75/Flat Fee

Hi all,

I was wondering if people would be interested in a service like TaskUp (Shopify development/design tasks for $75 flat fee) for Bubble:

If you would be interested in a comparable service for Bubble please let me know!


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I’d use it if there was a Make page responsive without breaking workflows for $75 task!

Looking at taskup, they have to be repetitive tasks.
I can imagine a few use-cases e.g. DNS setup, Sendgrid

However, both require handholding alongside the customer sometimes.



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Not personally right now, but I see two main scenarios for this.

  1. If you are targeting forum users and regular bubblers; have set advanced bubble tasks - such as custom API’s, custom code, setting up a difficult plugin, etc. As a lot of forum users seem to be budget conscious DIYers who would try most tasks on their own and only pay for the tough stuff

  2. Work with bubble agencies like AirDev and take on post-launch client work. As these clients know nothing to very little of how to use the Bubble Editor and have the budget to make the changes