Sondd | Send files to anyone, anytime

Hi everyone!

I have spent some time now putting together another application called sondd.

I guess the simplest way to describe sondd is it allows you to transfer up to 3gb to anyone with an email address. You can use the service without registering, or you can sign up and manage sent & received transfers, as well as any contacts you send to.

It is essentially We Transfer with a greater send limit.

There is quite a lot of backend workflows running that are required for the management of uploaded files, any unsent files after uploading, transfer expirations, receiver/sender information, and the managing of files should they be forwarded to more than one user.

In the beginning, this was a project to spawned purely from boredom and ended up testing some skills in some complex workflow setups. I am considering listing this as a template should anyone wish to start their own We Transfer, but I will wait for an expression of interest.

You can check it out here,

Thanks again!

We were also featured on Product Hunt |


This is really cool. Congratulations!

wow, a really well done WeTransfer clone. :slight_smile: Something else Iā€™d love to see would be to download files not only as a whole but also individually

If you use the AWS S3 object store for storing the files, a little tip from me: The StackPath S3 costs half as much, is faster and does not charge any egress fees (: