Soon to have made it through 2020! Into 2021 we go!

Hey awesome Bubblers and Bubble Community!

This year has been an INSANE one. There have been so many sour lemons of this year, but also sweet candies of this year. This year has been so difficult on business owners, but I think it’s time to celebrate us making through this year, Bubble, the No Code Community, and soon enough breaking into 2021 very soon!

At Afterthought System we’ve been through such a hectic year- we highlighted everything in our 2020 Wrap! Here are some highlights if you don’t want to read through it all!

We ran over 1,546,066 workflows on our website this year!
We had over 318,684 page views
… and served over 16,769 new users this year!

We have to say that this year wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the @Bubble team! We had the success team help us through some problems we experienced, the engineering team help resolve bugs ASAP, the leadership team communicate and engage with the community so well!

Let’s take a second and see what everyone’s accomplished this year on Bubble? Drop some replies below this topic on what you’ve accomplish this year on Bubble! How many workflows have you run? Any particular product your proud of? Any specific person you’d like to highlight? Anything!

What do you have planned for 2021? We’re ready to engage more directly with no code instead of focusing on one sector within it!!!

Can’t wait to hear from all of you!

In Community,
The Afterthought System Team


I am very proud of myself because earlier in the year, I had no idea how to use Bubble, so I had to follow a CAD tutorial step by step. LOLLL. But now I can do it myself and I am happy! Thanks to Nullbyte and his staff (especially Coleton) and thanks to all the amazing people on Bubble Forums! Happy New Year everyone and hopefully 2021 brings us better things than what 2020 did.