Sorry, that's not the right password is not showing

Hello Everyone
When I entered the wrong password with the right email, I was unable to get the message “Sorry, that’s not the right password”, instead I am getting the same error message that “We didn’t find an account with those login credentials”.
I want to display the “Sorry, that’s not the right password” when User entered the wrong password
Can anyone help me with this?
Thanks In advance!

You can change the wording of the system error message in the editor:

However, that doesn’t distinguish between email and password. So if you change the text to say it’s not the right password, it could also show if the email is wrong.

You could create a backend workflow to see if the email exists and if it does, infer that the pw is the problem, and then display a custom message by overriding the system error. However, it’s not recommended as a best practice:

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