"Sorry we ran into a temporary bug" when submitting to app store

Hi all,

Has anyone experienced this and found a good fix?

I am getting the same since 2 days. No solution yet

On the app store as well? If so, which wrapper are you using?

If have found the root cause of the issue, in the context of my app.

I was using a timer feature in the custom javascript plugin. I used that plugin because I was facing an issue in a workflow.

In that workflow I was doing a STEP1 (update in the database) and then a STEP2 (calling a custom event that was reading the database and performing a calculation, at end of STEP2 a STEP3 was called, also in a custom event, where the result was shown on the screen).

The issue was that when coming to STEP2 the STEP1 had not been completed. I could see that if putting a breakpoint on STEP1, STEP2 was working.

I put the timer in a custom javascript (waiting 200 ms) and it worked but afterwards I would have the error “Sorry we ran into a temporary bug” a bit later on at a random time.

I removed that javascript step and replaced it by something else which worked. What I did was re-trigger a second time the custom event STEP2 inside STEP3, to avoid recursive calls I used a custom state flag. That change created sufficient time for STEP1 to complete before STEP2 was launched the second time.

For the record, here below the javascript code I was using for the timer:

function wait_a_moment() {



var result = 1;

setInterval(wait_a_moment, 200);

Were you submitting to the app store or just on the web?

This issue was just on the web app

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