Sort by ranking

On my landing page, I display a list of products that I sort by ranking.

This ranking is based on the field “ranking” that I have created in my “Products” data type and that I enter manually.

Each day, I need to change the ranking of these products so that my landing page shows some specific products before others.

For now, I need everyday to clean manually this ranking and put a new one in my database.

Is there an easiest way to do it?

Here is an example of what I do everyday:
Product A = rank 1
Product B = Rank 2
Product C = rank 3

Remove product A/B/C from ranks 1/2/3
Put the new ranking for these products:
Product V= 1
Product Y = 2

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @omar.fathallah1,

Just make a button “Erase rankings” and do the workflow “Make a change to a list of things” and you put empty values on the current rankings?

And then you put the new rankings for the new products manually?

Hi ,
Perfect idea, thank you!