Sort Custom Stats List by a specific parameter

Hi guys, I have a CS bearing a list of choices the user made from an RG.

When the user is done with their choosing, they click on “Submit”, and the CS List should be saved as a piece of data into the Database.

However, I want the items in the CS list to be sorted before being saved into the database, but the sorting shouldn’t be alphabetic nor chronological.

Is there a way for me to add a another condition or parameter to a CS List ?

Thank you


What type of sorting do you want to do on the list?

Hi @adamhholmes Adam, thanks for picking this up.

Sorting should numeric: 1,2,3, the order of the RG’s cells .

So the user’s choice from cell 1, should be put at place #1, choice from number 2, should be put at place #2, etc…

Even if the user made his choice in a random manner, for example, he made choice in Cell 5 first, as he finds it difficult to make up his mind in Cell 1 or 2, so he did these two at last, But I want his choices on cell 1 and 2 are still sorted as the 1st and 2nd in the CS list.

Don’t know if I explain it clear ?



In that case you should just be able to use the same sorting that you used for the RG…

Does that not work?

Hi @adamhholmes Adam,

I just tested repeatedly. no , it doesn’t go with the RG’s sorting. It goes with the order my clicks.

If I make my choice in the order of Cell 5, Cell 3, Cell 1, Cell 6 , Cell 4, Cell 2; The CS list will be written in with the value from Cell 5 3 1 6 4 2

No… I mean if you sort the selected list by the same field as the RG…

Does that not work?

After your (what I’m assuming you have) [Current state]:plus item [what you're adding] do :sorted after that and pick the field to sort by.

Photo 1: Sorting in RG, which I can decided it to be sorted by game number (numeric)

Photo 2: trying to sort the CS list. it doesn’t give me :sorted by, only gives me sorted, and it is alphabetic sorting by default

@adamhholmes @tylerboodman

Yes :sorted is correct, and is it not giving you the proper field to sort by? Seems it’s a different datatype than your RG? Not sure the problem now :laughing:

:sorted is the same thing as what some of us might call :sorted by. Are your sure you can do this?

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Hi @tylerboodman the RG 's datatype is “Fixture” which has some fields; The CS List’s datatype is one of the fields of the RG and is a text.

@keith it doesn’t give me any other future options after “sorted”. It dosn’t give me “sorted by…” . “sorted” is the end of the entire expression and no other options for me to add.

You would end the expression with :sorted so you are fine there.

It sounds like your custom state needs to be a list of Fixtures, not lists of texts. Cause storing text you lose context of the Fixtures so you can’t sort by other fields

If you make it a list of Fixtures then when do you :sorted it will popup with the little window to select what fields to sort by

Hi @tylerboodman @keith @adamhholmes

The Fixture Datatype are all the elements to make up a game;

Fixture 1: Team A vs Team B
Fixture 2: Team B vs Team C
Fixture 3: Team C vs Team A

So , when use choose a winner in a fixture as they predict , they choose a Team (team’s name, thus text), that’s why it is a list of texts in the CS list.

If CS list is also use Fixture as Type, then it cannot show the User’s choices (texts).

Okay so maybe you want to store a list of Teams instead?

@tylerboodman Yes that’s what the CS List was meant to do. I set the Custom Stats as a list of Team names (text).

That’s where the trouble starts…the system doesn’t allow to sort the list of texts by another field (because it is out of the context of Fixtures as you accurately pointed out)

Should I change my data structure ?

Is Team not a datatype in your app?

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Ya Team should be its own datatype

@adamhholmes @tylerboodman

1, Team is a datatype but it is not a text , it has multiple fields such as Team Name, Team’s Country, which Sport this team plays in. etc.

2, Fixture DataType has a field is Team Datatype, and the Team Name in CS list is a field of the above Team Datatype.

So it is Fixture Datatype > Team DataType > TeamName Field

So, just to be clear on what you’re doing…

you have a list of fixtures, each with two teams, and you’re allowing users to pick one team from each fixture (presumably, the team they want/expect to win)?

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@adamhholmes Yes , correct. that’s what I’ve been doing.

(Sorry, was away for a few hrs)