Sort Custom Stats List by a specific parameter

Except it has to be in the same order as the RG even though it is a different datatype, so pos #1 in the list correlates with Fixture #1… idk how to sort that…

Yes I want to the list sorting is the same as Fixture’s sorting … @adamhholmes

@tylerboodman @adamhholmes @mikeloc do you guys think I need to re-structure my data ? (So the choices user made wouldn’t be a Field of a Type Fixture.) ?

:thinking: hmm…

Can it make the changes on-the-fly instead? Or does it need to be the custom state first?

Like if they pick Team A for Fixture 1, it just does Make change to a thing and sets that Fixtures prediction to that team?

@tylerboodman interesting you said so.

Actually in the last version, that was exactly what I did and it worked. Since I have no program or app development background at all, “to make it work even if it is slow and ugly” was my priority. And seeing everything adding up together was a relief.

Since I had more or less figured out the logic behind the workflow, I started trying this CS list thing for making the app look like a “real app” with performances taken into consideration.

Everytime user pick a Team, “Make change” is not the best performance-considered option to do it , yea ?

But if that’s the ONLY way to make it work, guess I had to go with it …?

@tylerboodman @keith @adamhholmes @mikeloc

Ya should be fine. Does it not change pretty much instant when you choose the team? I think Bubble fakes the change on the frontend so it looks quick.

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@tylerboodman fake it till you make it :laughing:

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