Sort Repeating Group by ID

I’m trying to create a list of data in a randomized order that will stay in the same order even if you leave the page. I saw a suggestion on the forum to sort by the unique ID of each item which would work perfectly except I can’t figure out how to do it.
Any ideas?

Randomize the order, oerdering by unique ID is not randomize. :thinking:

Why don’t order by creation date? It will keep the order…

Each entry is given a random unique ID, therefore ordering them by their ID would give a random draw.
Ordering by creation date wouldn’t be random. It would put them in the order they signed up

You can create your own “key”.
Everytime you create an item, you also create it’s key.
And after, order your items by this key.

Calculated Formula → Random string


The advantage of this method is that, in the future, if you want, you can change the key if needed.

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