Sort Repeating Group by Linked Item's sort number

Hey guys! Looking forward to any help you might be able to throw my way.

The app that I am building tracks job workflows for photographers. And, it allows photographers to set up a template for their jobs and then have the template be used to create all the workflow steps when a job is created. The templates are called Workflow Items and the actual workflow items (active on a single job) are called Job Workflow Items. Each Job workflow item is linked to it’s corresponding template item for flexibility. So, a photographer can rename their template and it will (in effect) rename it on every job since I’m actually displaying the title as something like This Job Workflow Items / Workflow Items / Title.

What I’d also like to do though, is set up my repeating group to be sorted based on the linked workflow item’s sort order instead of the job workflow item’s sort order. Sorting on the job workflow item’s sort order means if the photographer ever updates the template’s sort order, it won’t rearrange the workflow items on all the corresponding jobs.

All of that to say, how can I sort based on a linked item’s particular value. I’ve tried the sort by a different value option, but I must be going about it wrong because the repeating group just doesn’t load any options.

Any ideas?


Did you ever figure out how to do this?

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Did you ever figure out how to do this?

Old post, but try a nested repeating group @another


Have added just last night new two fields to be a number, i.e. count of items, so that I can use it to sort by: