Sort repeating group: empty fields on top

I know similar questions have been posted: Sorting Question! Empty fields

But it seems more of a fundamental issue with sorting a DB. When I sort a RG on a random field, descending or ascending, the empty fields always show at the bottom. This is not great when going through reports an definitely not good for my task list that gets sorted on date.

I know there is a workaround, but it requires additional programming making that particular RG even slower to load.

Is this a simple fix from a db perspective? I think it should be standard.

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I might not be 100% understanding your question but couldn’t you use the :filter functionality and filter out the empty results?

No I need those empty entries. In my experience, when you sort a list of dates descending or ascending either the empty dates go at the top or the bottom. Not always on thr bottom. But I could be wrong @emmanuel?

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@vincent56 I have the same issue even today in 2022.
Did you figure out a workaround yet?