Sort RG on value instead of field

I’m hunting for a way to sort a repeating group by a “live” value. It might not be possible but I figured I’d throw the question out there before I give up on it.

I’m doing a calculation in each RG cell. The value is therefor “live” and not saved in the the RG’s data sources Thing. I want to sort the RG by which cell has the highest value.


Can’t believe that didn’t show up in any of my forum searches haha. thank you!

I see that it requires a few paid plugins to try it out and see if it will work well in my use case.
In general, I try to stay away from plugins after having had too many issues and non-responsive plugin devs. But looks like @gaurav is active on the forum and you seem to have had a great experience when communicating with him. I might just give this a go.

@gaurav is fantastic and his plugins all work. I have a total of 5 plugins that I have purchased and they are all his. And he will respond to your questions.

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