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So for my own amusement (as always) im trying to create a dating site, and I wish for the user to select for example their gender and sexuality and the preferred age of their partner. And then only display users that match their criteria. So if someone could suggest ways to do this that would be great ! Thank you !

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Hi there, sounds like a fun idea! You might try something like this:

For your User data type, you could have these fields:

-Gender (text)
-Age (number)
-Preference: Genders (list of texts)
-Preference: Max age (number)
-Preference: Min age (number)

Let’s say you (Current User) wants to find a list of other Users who match your preferences. In your repeating group, where you want to display the list of relevant Users, you can set your data source to:

Search for Users
-Gender is in Current User’s Preference: Genders
-Age > Current User’s Preference: Min age
-Age < Current User’s Preference: Max age

With this logic, you are filtering for users who fall within a certain age range and whose gender is contained in the list of genders you prefer.

Does this all make sense? Let me know if I can help further.

Happy Bubbling!

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The sort them randomly, and say it is an “AI driven matching algorithm” :slight_smile:

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