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Sorting by Calculated Data

Okay this one gets a little more complicated.
I have officers and shifts as objects in my database. I want to connect the two to minimize overtime in my company. Each shift is automatically added to a list of shifts on various weeks, making it easy to reference the collection of shifts I want. Here’s where it gets complicated.

My user selects a shift, and then an RG pops up with eligible officers. I want to sort those officers by their current hour count in the same week as the selected shift. I’ve managed to get VERY close- I now have the hours printed as a text field on the RG, with some help from a fellow bubbler- (Search for shifts where officer=this cell’s officer, week= selected week) > Shift Hours:sum

Is there a way to do this calculation and actually be able to sort by the result?


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Found a potential answer with BDK, but if an in app one is possible, that’d be awesome.

Have you looked at the List Shifter plugin? This may meet your needs