Sorting columns AND rows in a RG table


Would greatly appreciate help from the community.

Trying to figure out how to be able to allow a user to sort a table built with a RG by both the columns and the rows.

Trying to use a native RG to create a data table with a grid of multiple columns and rows. Each row has its own number that we would use to sort the rows vertically. Each column has its own number that we would use to sort the columns horizontally. (This is in addition to the cells at the intersection of each row and column that has calculated data in it using the row and column information.)

I have seen lots of posts and tutorials on either row sort OR horizontal scrolling and more in an RG, but not these two capabilities together.

Suggestions on how to create this functionality?

Would prefer to do this without a plugin, but if a plugin is required, would love your suggestion/recommendation as well.

Thanks in advance!

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