Sorting data by yy/mm/dd when created as dd/mm/yy


I’ve created an app where users can enter in their previous property history, and have the commencements entered and saved as dd/mm/yy.

This data is then shown in an RG, which is sorted based on their commencements, but it is sorting it based on dd/mm/yy.

The aim is to have it sorted by the most recent property to the least recent at the bottom.

How should I approach this problem?

Sort by created date descending yes

Unfortunately this won’t work here, I see what you mean, thank-you for the advise.

Sometimes users will enter their most recent then least-recent property and then fill in-between these dates.

I’m trying to allow the user to add entries in whatever order, but then be based upon the commencement dates.

Wouldn’t you change the sort to look at whatever date the user entered for commencement instead of the date that the data was entered?

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