Hey guys, so im building an admin dashboard that needs data in a text element sorted by day. The app is a delivery app where customers can create an order and have their orders delivered to them. Each Order has its order cost of course, and the idea is to display the total order cost for all orders that have been created today as “Todays Income”… And I cant quite figure out how to display the “Order Costs that have been created today Part”. I created a “Date Created” data field just so i can arrange the data manually cause if i used created date then it will all be in the same date and that would not quite work…
How Can I show Total Income today in a text element from all orders that have been created today?

To get the total revenue for the current day, the custom field “Date Created” is not needed. Only the “Created Date” field is sufficient. You can use the following filters to restrict orders placed from the beginning of the day to the end of the day.

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Thank you brother!

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